Extra Resources for Christian Apologetics - Lesson 2

(Introduction to Apologetics - Part 2)


This is a video of the renowned Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga discusses belief in God as properly basic:

Take note that Plantinga says that he doesn't personally think that traditional arguments for God's existence are powerful enough to be considered proofs of Gods existence, although he does see them as having at least some force. For what it's worth, I agree with Plantinga that arguments for God's existence shouldn't be seen as proofs. However, I do feel that they have considerable force. It's likely that I think the traditional arguments for theism are more persuasive than Plantinga does, but this just goes to show that you can be a committed Christian and still be skeptical about arguments for God's existence.


This article is the original source for some of the details from our discussion on the history of apologetics in our lesson:


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