Our weekly worship gatherings are soaked in prayer, filled with Scripture, and saturated with music. We believe that this regular time of worship is one of the most important things we do as a church to focus our attention on Christ. Coming together for the sole purpose of exalting Jesus glorifies God and is a means of making us more Christ-like.


Members of

One Another

One of God's greatest gifts to his people is community. As believers, we enjoy not only fellowship with God, but also with one another. We see this as both a wonderful privilege and a great responsibility, so we hold church membership in high regard. Joining Lucy Baptist is not like signing up for a social club. It is like joining a family. We truly believe that our members are members of one another, and we strive to carry out the commands of Christ in one another's lives, encouraging and building up one another in love.


Following Christ


One of the ways that we work to develop deep and meaningful relationships at Lucy is in "community groups," which are gatherings of disciples committed to sharing life together through bible study, prayer, fellowship, accountability, and cooperative ministry. Most of these groups meet in homes on Sunday nights. If you are yearning for deep and honest connection with other believers, ask us about getting connected with a group.


We would love to meet you!

4005 Lucy Road, Millington, TN 38053

Phone: 901-872-0623


Sunday Worship: 10:30am